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Benefits for the Sales Director

An improved sales performance with SalesMap.

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Sales Director or Manager?

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  • What should best practice be in sales?
  • What's the current value in the pipeline?
  • How are the opportunities progressing?
  • Who is performing & who isn't?
  • What are the trends in sales?
  • What should you put in the sales forecast?
  • How do you best compare the members of your team?
  • Who needs help and where?

Consistency of sales process

SalesMap provides a uniform system for sales, encourages best practice and improves planning. Better conversion rates and increased sales.

Sales & pipeline valuation

SalesMap gives you up to date information from across the team. Forecasts and projections are more accurate and realistic.

Pipeline/Opportunity management & analysis

SalesMap applies a status ranking to every sales opportunity. Prioritise more effectively, reduce sales cycles and improve your success rate.

Real-time reporting & analysis

SalesMap produces intelligent, dynamic data. Spot trends, create meaningful analysis, formulate effective tactics and improve results.

Complete team performance monitoring

SalesMap shows who is over-target and who is under performing. Accurately assess support needs and effectively plan resources.

Sales forecasting

SalesMap collects uniform real-time, dynamic data from all the team. Forecasts and projections become more accurate, effective and realistic.

Accurate performance benchmarking

SalesMap ensures consistency of approach across the sales function. Benchmarking is accurate and comparisons fair and realistic.

Training needs analysis

SalesMap tracks every sales opportunity through each step of the sale. Assessing individual training needs becomes easier and more effective.

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